Friday, September 12, 2008

Safety in the Attractions Industry

Safety is the number-one priority in the attractions industry. One of the things IAAPA does to promote ride safety is participate in the ASTM Committee F24 to create safety standards for amusement rides.

The committee is a consensus-based standards setting body and is open to anyone who is interested in ride safety. Industry members, manufacturers, interest groups and government officials participate in the process and in order for the standard to be adopted, everyone must agree. This ensures the system stays fair and standards are written that benefit everyone.

The next ASTM Committee F24 meeting will be held Oct. 9-11 at the Sheraton San Diego Mission Valley Hotel in San Diego, California. If you are already an ASTM member, you can register on the ASTM web site. If you would like to become a member, you can sign up on the ASTM site, as well. There is a $75 annual fee for an individual membership, but that fee allows you to attend meetings and vote on standards and also allows you to download the standards or order them in hard copy. Generally, a copy of the standards costs $159, so becoming a member is a much better value.

For more information on standards development, you can download the ASTM Handbook of Standardization for free, or just contact us at

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