Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will you please support IAAPA PAC?

Last week, I attended a conference on best practices for GR professionals. One thing I learned in a session on Political Action Committees is that the number-one reason association members don’t support their association PAC is that they are not asked.

But of course it’s not that easy.

While a corporation can solicit any member of its restricted class (generally speaking, the salaried professionals and their families), and a union can just take part of a member’s dues and put it towards political activities, a trade association like IAAPA is required to get prior approval to solicit before we can even tell you simple information like which IAAPA members gave to the PAC last year, or how you can secure a front row seat at the General Managers and Owners’ Breakfast at IAAPA Attractions Expo.

IAAPA’s online prior approval form allows members to give prior approval for up to three years, and also gives members the choice of allowing IAAPA to solicit just the member or the restricted class of the member’s company (which you’ll need to do if you are interested in our easy-to-administer payroll deduction program). Completing a prior approval form doesn’t commit you to giving any money to the PAC; it simply allows me to send you invitations to events, news about PAC contributions, and other information you may find useful.

Supporting IAAPA PAC represents a true investment in the attractions industry and makes a real difference in our association’s and the industry’s future. I hope you'll make the choice to get involved in IAAPA PAC and help us support candidates who support our industry. For more information, visit our PAC web page or e-mail me at

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