Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coaster Crew Looking for Donations to Benefit GKTW

Amusement Park enthusiast group The Coaster Crew is hosting its fourth annual Single Riders event this weekend at Kings Dominion to raise money for Give Kids The World.

All day Sunday, approximately 30 Crewers will wait on the exit ramps of coasters throughout the park and hop into trains that need a single seat filled here and there. They've gathered sponsorships for how many laps they take, and all the money will go to GKTW.  Coaster Crew's Clint Novak told me the group's raised $11,957 over the first three years, including $3,000 in 2009; he's hoping to get close to a whopping $10,000 this year.

Though the event is upon us, there's still a way parks can help. After Single Riders wraps, Coaster Crew will host an eBay auction for park-related items. If you have something you're just planning on throwing out, snap a quick picture of it and send it to Clint at Or just snail-mail him the item and he'll take care of the rest. One park's trash is another park fan's treasure, you know.

"Either way, coaster geeks like myself love stuff that parks and manufacturers throw away! So any donated items would help out a lot," he said.

And, finally, don't forget to keep clicking your support of GKTW at Pepsi's online grant contest

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