Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Helping GKTW One Click at a Time

Our friends at Give Kids The World are asking for help raising money to refurbish some of their villas at the Village. Below is information from GKTW on how you can assist just by clicking your mouse:

Starting today, you can help Give Kids The World Village earn $250,000 with just the click of your mouse. Our idea to "refresh" the Village is now live on the Pepsi Refresh Project web site—and we need your help!

By voting once a day, every day in June you can help Give Kids The World receive this grant to refurbish our Village villas.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Visit www.refresheverything.com/givekidstheworld and click the "Vote for this idea" button.
2. A popup window will appear where you will enter your information and sign in.
3. After signing in, you will be taken back to the Give Kids The World page. Click "Vote for this idea" to submit your vote.
4. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to "Vote 2 Refresh" GKTW.
5. Repeat once a day, every day until June 30.

It really is that simple to help us reach this amazing goal. Our success is in your hands!

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Jack Rouse Associates said...

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Give Kids the World Village a few years ago and was very touched by the amount of care and passion that goes into making this such a great place for children and their families.

The Pepsi Refresh Project is a great opportunity for GKTW and the staff at JRA will begin voting to hopefully make this a reality.

Jack Rouse Associates