Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Three Questions: AIMS Safety Seminar

The Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers International (AIMS) Safety Seminar will be held Nov. 15-19 at New York New York Las Vegas in conjunction with IAAPA Attractions Expo 2009.

The seminar features instruction from top safety experts from throughout the industry. To find out more about the event, I asked Premier Rides' Jim Seay, a member of the AIMS board of directors, these three questions:

Who in the industry is ideally suited to attend the seminar?
The typical attendees are individuals who are recognized by their facilities as either being leaders in the areas of maintenance and/or operations or are seen as a future leader whose value to the organization could grow more rapidly with the training being offered. Those who are good communicators are especially well suited, as such people not only learn from attending classes but can then share their newly acquired knowledge with their peers upon returning to their home bases.

What can attendees expect to learn at this year's conference?
With more than 250 classes, there is a wide array of subjects regarding safety in our industry. Classes include—but are not limited to—hands-on reviews of ride inspection, understanding the new ASTM F24 regulations, and gaining an appreciation for the new ADA laws. Areas of specialization include maintenance, operations, aquatics, leadership, and crisis communication.

What else is AIMS working on right now outside of the safety seminar?
AIMS recognizes every facility cannot send every employee to the seminar, even if cost was no object. So we've been working with the AIMS Education Advisory Board (which is made up solely of operators) to find opportunities to expand the organization's reach. So far there has been great success with "AIMS On The Road," where teams of instructors go directly to a facility and teach an entire staff at the same time. Additionally, AIMS Online was established to allow individuals who cannot attend the seminar to still participate in safety education in an online model. This approach is especially appreciated as it offers a resource to maintain certifications.

To find out more about AIMS, click here.

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