Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The FUNWORLD Evolution: June Issue on the Way

The June issue of FUNWORLD is on its way to your mailbox—or maybe you've received it already. This is an exciting edition for us on many counts, most notably the cover story on Busch Entertainment's new waterpark in Orlando, Aquatica. 

Because the story (which I wrote, by the way), focuses on a specific park, we're trying something a little new and different with the cover. As you can see above, this is the first time in several years we're using something other than a portrait for the front of the magazine. The thinking was simple: Rather than put a person in front of the park, why not let the park speak for itself? We certainly think Aquatica's bright colors and lush surroundings do that job just fine. The image above is of the waterpark's signature attraction, "Dolphin Plunge"; if it looks a little different from what you might expect, you're correct. Our photographer used an unusual technique that pumps up the color to the point where the photo almost looks like a cartoon. Rest assured, though: That is the real thing, with real people waiting in line—I was standing right next to him when he took the picture.

Some of you regular FUNWORLD readers may have noticed changes to the magazine in 2008. Correct again! At the beginning of this year, we worked with our production manager/designer, Michelle Wandres, to examine every facet of the publication and look at ways it could be improved from a design and layout perspective. Not everything changed at once, but over the course of this year's first six issues, there has been at least a slight alteration to almost every single page in the magazine. We are very excited about the June edition, because it seems like all those improvements came together well to provide a cleaner, easier-to-read publication that's even more pleasing to the eye.

But more than just how it looks, we're also proud of the varied and deep content you'll find in this issue, which has a strong waterpark focus. Besides the cover story's examination of how Aquatica impacts Busch Entertainment's presence in the all-important Central Florida market, there are also reports on hotel waterpark growth and waterpark retail trends, as well as tips for helping guests avoid slips and falls at your facilities. 

Also, be sure to watch for an in-depth article on how parks handle alcoholic beverages, and a look at the current economic crunch from our industry's perspective. 

Of course there's much more in this issue, but I'll let you discover the rest on your own. And do remember to leave us a comment below or shoot me an e-mail with any thoughts on the magazine. 

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