Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drum Roll, Please …

Welcome to “In the Queue,” IAAPA’s new blog. We’re firing this up for all kinds of future uses, but more than anything we’d like it to be a place where industry professionals can share ideas and communicate with each other and us here at IAAPA.
Several people from our staff will be highlighting goings-on in the industry or inside the walls of the association’s Alexandria, Virginia, home (which is within shouting distance of the White House in Washington, D.C.—I ride past the Washington Monument every day to and from the office). We’ll also be giving you some stuff that gets squeezed out of FUNWORLD, and updating previous stories if we get some new information. We’ll also be asking some straightforward questions from time to time, seeking your input.

But that’s all coming. Right now, everyone here is in full-on Trade Show Mode, as IAAPA Attractions Expo 2007 is less than a month away (Nov. 12-16). What amazes me about this place is how genuinely excited people are for the show. My co-workers are really and truly motivated to do something great—not just because it’s their job, but because they actually (gasp!) enjoy what they’re producing. It’s quite refreshing. Personally, I cannot wait to see the floor when it’s unveiled in all its glory that Tuesday morning, and other people here have told me the same thing.

IAAPA members will be receiving the November (double) issue of FUNWORLD soon—watch for our official Expo preview section (new this year). I have a story in there that talks about the excitement people have for the show’s return to Orlando, and our sales manager, Pete Barto (who has basically talked to every exhibitor coming to the show at one point or another), told me people are taking booth designs up a notch. There will be more on the Expo to come, but right now seemingly everyone—inside and outside of IAAPA Central—is pumped for the show.
And speaking of FUNWORLD, keep an eye out for our slightly redesigned cover. I know it’s impossible to miss seeing as it’s, you know, the cover and everything, but we’ve tweaked it a little bit. Also, it features an absolutely killer photo, but I won’t spoil the details here.

One final note: We’re looking forward to hearing from people as part of this venture, so please comment early and often. The idea is to keep this environment positive (unlike most of the Internet). We have some legalese about rules and regulations for comments, but in general just try and keep it constructive and professional, and everyone should be fine.

Here’s your initial In the Queue contributor roster:
Amanda Charney, FUNWORLD Editor, acharney@IAAPA.org
Sarah Gmyr, IAAPA Media Relations Manager, sgmyr@IAAPA.org
Marion Hixon, IAAPA Communications Coordinator, mhixon@IAAPA.org
Cam Kiosoglous, IAAPA Education Program Manager, ckiosoglous@IAAPA.org
Deana Martin, IAAPA Exhibit Sales and Services Executive, dmartin@IAAPA.org
Jeremy Schoolfield, FUNWORLD Features Editor, jschoolfield@IAAPA.org
Heidi Schroeder, IAAPA Membership Marketing Manager, hschroeder@IAAPA.org
Stephanie Thienel, IAAPA Government Relations and Safety Services Manager, sthienel@IAAPA.org

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