Monday, October 29, 2007

An Institute Emerges

Last week marked my three-year anniversary of working for IAAPA, and as it so happens, three years’ experience is a significant figure for a new program the association is launching this month at Attractions Expo 2007.

It’s called the Institute for Emerging Leaders, and is geared specifically for people like me (minimum three years' management experience)—not straight out of college, but not a longstanding veteran, either. My colleagues in the building are quite excited about this gig, because it hits midlevel people like us right where we live and work: We don’t handle the big, big decisions, but we have enough responsibility to make a significant impact on our organizations (at least I’d like to think I make an impact …).

The speaker lineup is absolutely killer, people who are at the top of their fields but haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a little further down the food chain. I just met San Diego Zoo’s Ted Molter a few weeks back for a FUNWORLD Q&A (look for that in January); he’s a down-to-earth guy who blew my mind with some of the cutting-edge marketing he’s doing (a MySpace page for an ape?!?).

As it’s been described to me, the Institute is a one-stop shop for information on the industry, a holistic experience for people on the way up, or those who may have just moved into the amusement industry from elsewhere and want to find out what this business is all about. Operations, marketing, finance … the works.

If you want more information, you can check the program out here or drop my buddy Cam a line at

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