Friday, October 26, 2007

UPDATE: SoCal Parks Re-opening Today

There's some relatively good news coming out of Southern California today, as the wildfires are calming down and residents are starting to return to their neighborhoods. As you can read in this Associated Press story, though, what they find when they return could be devastating.

As far as our industry facilities are concerned, things seem to be OK. According to their respective web sites, Legoland California, San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, SeaWorld San Diego, and Six Flags Magic Mountain are all planning to open today after being closed most of the week.

SeaWorld San Diego's David Koontz called me last night and had this to say:

"I'm happy to report all of our animals did very well. There was no impact on them whatsoever, and we're looking forward to opening the park again to the public."

SeaWorld also posted this message on its web site:

SeaWorld was closed Tuesday, Oct. 23 through Thursday, Oct. 25 due to the firestorms burning throughout San Diego County. While there were no fires in the park’s vicinity, many SeaWorld team members were affected by the fires, road evacuations and road closures. The park also was adhering to requests by city officials to keep non-essential vehicles off the roadways.

The park’s animals are in good health and the fires caused no impact on our infrastructure or ability to operate.

Our thoughts are with all of our team members and their families, and all San Diego County residents who were affected by these fires.

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