Monday, August 31, 2009

'Coasting for Kids' UPDATE: Nearly $10K Raised

GKTW President Pam Landwirth (front) with the "Coasting for Kids" riders at Cedar Point's "Gemini."

Reports are flowing in from the "Coasting for Kids" Give Kids The World event at Cedar Point I posted about last week.

According to GKTW Communications Director Susan Storey, nearly $10,000 has come in since Wednesday when 30 coaster enthusiasts (who hang out at CoasterBuzz) spent their day marathoning on Cedar Point's "Gemini" wooden coaster. The top rider lapped "Gemini" 130 times. GKTW President Pam Landwirth took 30 trips herself, bringing in $1,000. Riders ranged in age from 14 to 60 years old

"We were amazed in just two short weeks Cedar Point and CoasterBuzz planned this fun event for us—we had a ball!" Storey said. "The 'Gemini' crew really promoted the marathon and kept the spirits of the participants up. They also intrigued the park guests so much that many came down to the GKTW table afterwards with donations to 'help support the guys.' I collected $210 from park guests! And then at day’s end, the ride crew—who had been with us since 7 a.m., working so hard to keep our riders going—gave us $60!"

Pam Landwirth with Andrew Walsh, the youngest participant at age 14.


Jeff said...

We had an awesome group and an awesome crew to work with at the park, from the ride ops to the catering folks to the senior managers. I'm very proud to be a part of this community!

Nicholas Tucker said...

I logged 105 laps. At one point I stayed on the ride for three hours and did 42 consecutive laps. You can go here if you'd still like to donate: