Thursday, October 2, 2008

EAS 2008-Munich is officially over. I just exited the show floor a little while ago, leaving an IAAPA booth stripped to the bare bones and wading my way through other exhibits in various states of deconstruction, saying goodbye to a few last folks.

I spent much of today out on the show floor talking to exhibitors and was quite pleased that several people told me they had a good show:

“People-wise, it was a very good show—building up the network. No actual contracts were signed, but a lot of people said, ‘Wait until November.’ In general, I think it was a really good show leading up to IAAPA [Attractions Expo 2008], negotiating contracts, bringing them to a point that we can sign in November. We really like the time of year for the show. We can go back home, do our homework, and hopefully take good contracts to {Attractions Expo].”
—Michael Mack, Mack Rides

“This is the first time here [in Europe], and we made very valuable and promising contacts. Of course next year I can say whether it was a success or not, but for the moment, from southern and western Europe, we made some really good contacts there. A lot of opportunities.”
—Cornelis Bonnet, Texas Digital

“The show has been very good, especially for the new ‘Dracula’ dark ride concept we developed with ABC Rides. It was highly appreciated, and we had some very good negotiations on this. Park owners realize more and more theming and storytelling is essential. It’s also driven by the ability to buy complete packs—not just the ride and then the theming, but a complete package.”
—Christian Angenvoort, Theming and Animatronics Industries

“Great! We had tremendous success at the show. We can’t complain—very happy about it.”
—Matthias Clostermann, Clostermann Design

Those are just a few of the people I talked with this afternoon. The best news, I think, is there were several more exhibitors I wanted to meet with but didn’t get a chance to because every time I went by their booths, they were already sitting down in heavy discussions with what I’m assuming are potential clients. And, one last thing: we already have a slew of contracts signed for next year’s show in Amsterdam. My sales team colleagues were thrilled with how many people stopped by the IAAPA booth to reserve their space for 2009 before 2008 had even run its course.

So, after six long, exhausting days, 2008 IAAPA Summer Meeting and EAS 2008-Munich are over. But that doesn’t mean I’m finished. My notebook and camera are still filled with items I want to pass on, so be sure to check back next week to find out what other great stuff you missed in Munich.

Until then, thanks for following along with me this week …

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Anonymous said...


I'm astonished about your "positive" comments made by exhibitors.
You say there was not possibility to interview others. The 3rd. day there where only exhibitors in the hall; no customers at all!!You have had plenty of time.
That's main Iaapa problem. We are not living in a pink world where everything is nice.
This was not a great or even an average show.It was a bad show!
No Germans at all,no Italians,No French,No Spanish.

Jose J.Saus
Falgas Industries Group
Booth 1455