Thursday, February 21, 2008

Watch for FUNWORLD's March Issue

The March issue of FUNWORLD is out and should be in your mailboxes soon, if it's not already. Just to whet the appetite, here's some of what you can find in this edition:

• My cover story on the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, a new off-the-Strip attraction that combines elements of a museum, nature center, botanical garden, science center, and more into something unlike anything Vegas has ever seen.
• On-the-scene coverage of EAS 2008-Nice from Editor Amanda Charney.
• News Editor Keith Miller examines some common funding challenges museums face, and looks for ways to solve them.
• Waterpark officials discuss how they handle stray animals that wander into their facilities.
• FEC operators discuss budget-conscious marketing tips.

And much more …

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your staff does a great job producing month after month of FunWorld. I used to edit a trade magazine and know how much work it is.

Thanks for all you do!