Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Couple Questions from Gillian's Island Waterpark

Earlier today I spoke with David Miller from Gillian's Island Waterpark in Ocean City, New Jersey. He has a couple questions for fellow waterpark operaters and asked if I could pass them along to you for some input. Here's what David had to say:

We want to start a program where guests would be able to use a smart card to purchase admission, concessions, arcade games, miniature golf, etc. We were wondering what kind of experience other waterparks have had with such a program, and if any have suggestions as to vendors who have worked out well in getting such a program off the ground and providing technical support.

We were also wondering if any waterparks have instituted a drug testing program for employees. If so, what kind of costs have been involved, has the program been successful, how was the program received by employees, and was the testing done in-house or through a local agency?

We appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc., that you might have. General information would be great for the blog, but if anyone has specific names of companies or vendors, we would appreciate it if you could e-mail this information to with a cc: to Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.

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