Friday, February 26, 2010

FUNWORLD Follow-Up: Thorpe Park, PR, and … Urine?

Today's IAAPA News Flash included this story about Thorpe Park's request for guests to provide urine samples—for the smell.

The park wants to incorporate a urine stench as part of its new "Saw Alive" horror maze attraction opening next month. So it asked guests to provide samples and the nastiest-smelling urine would be replicated in the attraction.

This is yet another example of Thorpe's edgy public relations strategy, which we profiled in this month's issue of FUNWORLD. You can read that story here. This kind of idea is exactly why I wanted to highlight the park's PR operation in the first place—hopefully you find the piece as informative and fascinating read as I did.

I followed up with park spokesman Gareth Arculus to ask what is, to me, the most critical question in this whole endeavor: Who on earth has to smell all those samples?

"The responsibility—and some say very lucky judge—for the final decision of the Stench of 'Saw Alive' lies with Thorpe Park Entertainment Manager Laura Sinclair. As we look to create the world’s most extreme live action horror maze, we are looking to build a total experience that will attack all the senses, whilst also using live actors, special effects with a shocking twist, and immersing guests into the world of 'Saw.'

"Laura is working closely with a company to develop the aroma that will be used to really bring to life the iconic Washroom scene from the films, and we’re sure that it’s not the only lasting impression that people will leave 'Saw Alive' with."

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