Friday, August 15, 2008

September FUNWORLD: Watch for It!

The September issue of FUNWORLD shipped out yesterday, so hopefully all of you will receive your copy soon. The cover story this month details the inspiring tale of Harry Haynes, who owns and operates an FEC in Brooklyn, New York.

The whole thing began with an Industry Notes item our news editor, Keith Miller, wrote back in February 2007 about this newest and biggest FEC in New York. Only this facility has one attraction you definitely wouldn't expect: a computer lab! So even though Keith wrote about this education-minded FEC last year, the notion of such a strong FEC-inspired educational outreach never left his brain. When he started to investigate into Madd Fun further for this month's story, he discovered Haynes has a powerful personal story of overcoming obstacles, and Haynes' facility has become a place of peace and neutral ground among many divergent people groups in a tough NYC neighborhood. For the full scoop, naturally, you have to grab your copy of FUNWORLD when it hits your mailbox.

Other excellent reasons to open the mag this month:

• FUNWORLD Editor at Large Tim O'Brien profiles the "Year of the Frog," a worldwide conservation effort to save the little amphibians.
• Contributing Editor Mike Bederka discovers 10 ways FECs can improve their web sites, and looks at the booming popularity of bowling—both physical and virtual.
• Juliana Gilling interviews authors extraordinaires Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, experts in authenticity, and how their insights apply to the amusement industry.

And, of course, there's much more. Enjoy! And feel free to drop me a line about any of these stories—yay or nay—either in the comment section below or via e-mail.

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Anonymous said...

Great article!! What a unique FEC!!

Congratulation to Harry for giving back to the community. I'm sure he deals with challenges few of us would deal with because of what he has chosen to do.

What he does may not have an instant impact on the bottom line, but eventually it will. More importantly the impact on these young people's lives will make a lasting change!!