Thursday, June 19, 2008

July FUNWORLD on the Move

The July issue of FUNWORLD arrived at our offices this week, which means it should arriving at your offices very soon.

First off, big round of applause for our own Departments Editor Marion Hixon, who authors her very first FW cover story this month. She interviewed key players from France's Puy du Fou, an amusement park unique in the fact that its only attractions are live shows—no roller coasters required! The story investigates the park's deep community/volunteer relationship, how it markets itself, and how directors find talented actors to fill so many roles (hint: most people play multiple parts in multiple shows). And be sure to check out the stunning photography from Alain Moneger; it's some of the best we've ever featured in the magazine.

With Puy du Fou as a lead-in, the July issue has several other live entertainment-related items for your perusal:

• How small parks benefit from offering live acts—for free!
• How to hire costumed characters

We also have feature stories on how facilities are handling rising food prices, how FECs can make their redemption counters more appealing to guests, and how to protect yourself from employee theft, and more.

And as you will see on the back page of this issue, next month brings one of our favorite editions of the year: the massive annual New Rides and Attractions special section. So be on the lookout for that, and watch "In the Queue," as well, for extra info from July.

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