Friday, March 13, 2009

Introducing … IAAPA – Large Parks and Theme Parks

We've made it! This will be the final post to the "Membership Minute" series on In the Queue, and it seems fitting we're finishing up with what most people think of when they think of the attractions industry: Large Parks and Theme Parks.

The purpose of this series (read the other entries here) was to make sure both new and renewing members had specific details about IAAPA's membership benefits and provide ideas about how you can put those benefits to use. I hope you've found my posts helpful, and that you will take me up on my offer to suggest ways IAAPA can better support you and your businesses. Please e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you!

So without further delay, here are some of the "key" benefits of specific interest to the Large Park and Theme Park community:

Did you know that if you had an issue at your facility and needed help with the press, IAAPA’s staff provides you with FREE crisis communications support? That alone is worth the price of admission (or membership!). Just call the IAAPA offices (+1 703/836-4800) and we will put you in touch with all the right people.

Need a New Product? Need to Find Someone in the Industry?
All manufacturer and supplier members of IAAPA are listed in the Industry Buyers' Guide. This resource is open to members and nonmembers alike to search for products and services you may want to add to your facility. In addition, all members have access to search the Online Membership Directory. Here, you can search for facilities by geographic location, facility type, and more. Once you enter your search criteria, the online tool searches our membership database and provides you with full contact information for you to reach out to other operators who may be able to offer their expertise.

News Flash
News Flash is a daily e-mail service that provides you with all the headlines from the global attractions industry. It's a quick, easy way to follow trends in the industry, including openings, closures, successes, struggles, and other situations. News Flash is a powerful tool, but you have to read it, AND use it. If you’re currently a member and don’t receive News Flash, sign up:

Government Relations
Our team is constantly monitoring issues that affect the attractions industry. Your membership dues guarantee you have two dedicated full-time IAAPA staffers in Washington, D.C., working to protect your business interests. Your IAAPA GR team has worked tirelessly on the recent phthalate ban and provided our members with updates and education throughout the entire process (be sure to keep checking In the Queue for current info). And we’re not just limited to federal issues; we have worked on a variety of state legislative initiatives as well. As a member, if you EVER need any support regarding a government relations issue, all you have to do is ask! Go ahead, it’s easy:

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