Friday, March 20, 2009

IAAPA Responds to Alltel TV Commercial

Have you seen the Alltel TV commercial with the roller coaster yet? Watch it below, then read on:

On Tuesday, IAAPA President/CEO Charlie Bray sent a letter to Verizon Communications, parent company of Alltel, asking the commercial be removed from broadcast. Here’s part of Charlie’s letter:

Our specific concern has to do with the way the Alltel commercial implies that looking for lost articles underneath amusement park rides is a good idea. That is not the case. Unfortunately, there have been a few tragic instances where individuals have been seriously or even fatally injured while trying to retrieve lost articles from well-marked restricted areas under rides. … It’s critical for the general public to understand they should never enter a restricted area around or under a ride for any reason. … We are concerned guests (particularly young guests or teenagers) might try to retrieve lost articles in restricted areas after seeing the spot.

We wanted IAAPA members to know the association’s stand on this commercial, and also remind you to be perpetually vigilant when it comes to filming projects on the grounds of your facilities.

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