Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maximize F&B Sales at Your Waterpark

Now is the time to fine-tune your plans for maximizing revenue, guest satisfaction, and attendance. This month’s IAAPA webinar, set for Feb. 23 at 1 p.m. EST, focuses specifically on how waterparks can boost food and beverage sales, but any park with concessions can learn from our experts. Ken Whiting of Whiting’s Foods/Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk shares some insight into what participants can expect from the session.

What are the key areas of focus during this webinar?
We’ll address some current trends and strategies that work for all food and beverage operations in the attractions industry, as well as some waterpark-specific areas, including:
- cabana sales
- maximizing beverage revenue
- cashless payment systems
- healthier food options

Can you share a challenge waterparks face in refining and updating F&B offerings?
The spending patterns within waterparks are different than in a dry park. Being in bathing suits without constant access to money limits spending. Aligning their operation with services, menu items, and payment methods that enhance and encourage spending is key.

What types of information can participants in this webinar implement immediately?
There will be best practices and strategies shared that work in our industry. Menu item development, peak sales period management, and staff motivation ideas are typically low cost, easy to implement, and able to be acted on right away.

What is the most appropriate audience for this session?
Anyone with food service, retail, or general management responsibilities at a waterpark attraction will benefit from the information.

What can small/independent operators with tighter budgets glean from this session?
Many operators believe they have to spend big for large returns. Often that just isn’t the case. We’ll provide many proven tactics that are low cost, high return, and industry specific. Even with little or no budget, significant gains can be had. Everyone who participates in this webinar will leave with ideas that will work for them.

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