Friday, April 16, 2010

IAAPA Webinar: Go Mobile

Mobile sites. Native applications. Apps. If these are foreign concepts to you or if you’d like to learn more, attend IAAPA’s next webinar, Wednesday, April 28, at 1 p.m. EDT.
Damien Lasater, design manager with the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, will be discussing the use of mobile applications (iPhones, etc.), mobile sites, and other tools that can help drive interest, sales, and attendance at your facility. Lasater shared some insight into what participants can expect from the webinar.

How prevalent are iPhone and other cell phone applications in our industry?
New applications within our area are becoming available everyday in both native format (downloaded onto a device) and mobile web (available within a browser on a mobile device). Almost all of the major attractions have some type of app providing wayfinding and visitation information.

What are some of the benefits to having a specific app related to a park or attraction?
There are multiple benefits to creating an app or mobile web-based area related to an attraction. Apps that empower visitors with tools for wayfinding, entertainment, and social media can improve the overall experience and allow visitors to share it. Alternatively, entertainment-based apps can build awareness for a new attraction within a park and deliver fresh content to keep that attraction top of mind.

Who will the webinar be geared toward?
The webinar will be geared toward groups considering an app or creating their first app.

Aside from the iPhone, what other app uses will the session cover?
Beyond the iPhone this session will explain the differences between native applications and mobile web based applications/sites. For example, a native application is one that must be downloaded onto a device by a user and often provides a much richer and faster experience. A mobile web application is one that is accessed through a web browser within a phone and does not have to be downloaded to be experienced. We’ll also look at a few trends within apps—such as augmented reality (AR)—and how they are changing how consumers interact with their devices and surroundings

What can attendees expect to take away from the discussion?
Attendees can expect to be able to answer the question “Is an app the right solution for my attraction?” and have a solid understanding of the different devices, technologies, and processes involved in creating an app.

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Anonymous said...

Will this be available later as a download?

Linda Gerson said...

IAAPA plans to record the session and post the recording in the Webinar Archive (typically 8-10 business days after the live session). Recordings may be viewed by IAAPA members, but cannot be downloaded. Please visit the Archive to view other IAAPA Webinar recordings, slides, and materials at: