Thursday, June 25, 2009

Webinar Tuesday: Waterpark Fundamentals

During the next IAAPA webinar on Tuesday, June 30, at 2 p.m. EST, waterpark managers will be treated to a fast-paced session from three industry leaders on key operational topics.

Jason Arthur, director of aquatics for Great Wolf Resorts Inc., Bryan Nadeau, director of park operations at Aquatica by SeaWorld, and Scott Carothers, general manager of Wild Island Family Adventure Park will share insights and tips on training, operations, and revenue generation, because right now all facilities are faced with the challenge of operating leaner while still providing excellent guest service and family fun. In the Queue caught up with Carothers, who shared a sneak peek into Tuesday’s session.

What key issues will you and the panelists focus on during the webinar?
We’re going to do revenue generation, operational issues, and staff motivation. In working with IAAPA on this program, we wanted to offer something that operators could implement right away.

How can refining operations help parks during a tough economic year?
We’re all trying to run more efficiently while trying to generate more revenue and looking for new ideas to refocus our facilities. You can change your operation right now and overcome some of the things that are challenging us right now.

Who should log in to this webinar and why?
We’re covering three different tiers of content, so any level of operator or manager will walk away with something to take back to their waterparks. For example, any manager can use the training session to implement changes immediately without any costs.
Anytime you have an opportunity to have your staff gain knowledge, especially with a webinar, which doesn’t take a huge amount of time, it’s so important. You need to continue to learn and expand, and it’ll help the operation as a whole.

What tools and ideas can attendees expect to take away?
When we put this content together we concentrated on topics for managers. We’re assuming people are already in the game. Capital decisions have been made, and now we’re trying to focus on how you operate—how you relate to staff. We’re going to concentrate on what people can do right now to generate revenue, get through staff burnout, and deal with an operational or maintenance change.

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