Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Response …

This morning, The Washington Post ran a front-page story challenging the safety standards and reporting procedures in the amusement industry and, essentially, endorsing Congressman Ed Markey's CPSC amendment, which he will present again Thursday (see this entry for more).

We drafted a statement in response to the Post's article. You can find it on the IAAPA website here.

It's not too late to voice your opposition to the Markey amendment. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will meet on Thursday, December 6 to consider H.R. 4040, the Consumer Product Safety Commission Modernization Act. Congressman Markey will offer his amendment during this hearing. The more pressure elected officials feel from IAAPA members, the more difficult it will be for Congressman Markey to find support for his bill.

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Chad Emerson said...

Over at Theme Law, we have posted a spreadsheet that analyzes each state amusement safety law: http://themelaw.blogspot.com/2007/12/2007-survey-of-state-amusement-park.html

Needless to say, the state laws--while not perfect--certainly are more vigorous than the post piece represents.