Monday, November 12, 2007

Exhibitor Move-In in Full Swing at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2007

The Orange County Convention Center has been taken over by IAAPA! It is pretty amazing to see how a big concrete room slowly morphs into what looks like a huge amusement facility filled with every product under the sun. On one aisle alone you can find a Sno-Cone company, a kiddie train manufacturer, an inflatable acrobatic ride, haunted changing portraits, light up toys and a filtration company as neighbors. IAAPA Attractions Expo 2007 really is a sight to see. I have started to take pictures from one spot on the floor to show how move-in progresses over the many days here. I'll be uploading a few pics shortly to show how the floor is looking. You will see the most drastic change as Monday draws to a close and I will share the final picture in the coming days to see the complete transformation.

Today is the busiest move-in day as we usually see the majority of the smaller booths set up. Most of the larger booths started their set-up on Thursday of last week and have been working long days to get everything ready. We already have a few full-sized rides on the floor as well as some truly amazing creations coming out of many of the top Theming companies. Best Booth winner last year, Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, brought back their award winning dragon-themed exhibit that is surely a sight to see. IAAPA Attractions Expo exhibitors really pull out the stops for their booth designs, so walking the trade show floor is always one surprise after another. Just yesterday we saw an elaborate mirror maze going up that we are all hoping to get a chance to visit. Of course, we can't forget our many food vendors, such as veteran exhibitors Perky's Pizza, Mini-Melts and Dippin' Dots, who will soon be drawing crowds of attendees hoping to get a sample of their snacks.

With almost 300 First-Time Exhibitors at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2007, there are many new faces and products at the show this year. It is always exciting to see exhibitors who walk onto our trade show floor for the first time as there is often a similar look of awe on their faces. It is hard for us to describe what this show is like over the phone, so seeing it in person tells the real story of why IAAPA Attractions Expo is THE show to be at.

I have to get back to helping our exhibitors move in, but I will check in again to report on how the show floor has shaped up. Looking forward to the trade show opening tomorrow!

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