Monday, May 18, 2009

CoCo Key's Keys to a Successful Marketing Campaign

Today CoCo Key Water Resorts launches a new marketing campaign targeted at the YouTube generation. The indoor waterpark company is asking its customers to submit their own versions of CoCo jingle as part of a nationwide contest. Finalists from each of the company's 10 resorts will be posted online June 19, and the winner—as selected via online voting—will be featured in a real commercial later this summer.

You can find all the details about the contest here. In the Queue recently asked CoCo's corporate director of marketing, Michelle Hoffman, about the promotion and what she hopes to achieve with it.

In the Queue: How does this promotion work?
Michelle Hoffman: CoCo Key Water Resort is looking for the most creative rendition of its jingle for a chance to be in an upcoming commercial. Sing, dance, hula hoop—the most creative entry as voted on by America will win.

ITQ: What made you decide to go in this direction?
MH: CoCo Key is a fun place for families to escape their everyday lives. We are always looking for new and exciting ways for guests to interact with our brand while having a good time.

In the Queue: Have you done anything like this before?
MH: CoCo Key hosted the "Ultimate Staycation Challenge" in 2008 and consumers loved it! It gave them a chance to express the most creative way they have “staycationed” in the past for the chance to win the ultimate staycation—a trip to CoCo Key.

ITQ: What do you hope to accomplish with this idea?
MH: We want to interact more with our consumers. When they think of fun, we want them to immediate think of CoCo Key.

ITQ: How much time/energy do you anticipate the contest taking over the next month?
MH: We started implementing our plans for the jingle contest in early 2009. We will be hosting open auditions at the end of May and voting in June/July. It took some time to put the program together initially, but now, executing the program is more fun than work!

ITQ: What will make this effort a success for you?
MH: Again, we want to interact with our consumers and be a part of their summer plans for family fun.
More specifically, our goal was to be at 1,000 Facebook friends prior to the official launch of the contest today, and 5,000 friends by the end of summer. As of May 11, we were already at 1,000 fans.

ITQ: How does this promotion fit in with your other social media endeavors?
MH: CoCo Key launched its social media efforts in full force at the end of April. The jingle contest gives us an additional topic to talk about casually with our consumers. It’s also a great way for us to communicate all the exciting opportunities we have to offer this summer, which includes our jingle contest and the new GetWetAWay program, which is our take on the “staycation” concept. It’s all about vacationing close to home at an affordable price.

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