Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teen Workers in the Attractions Industry: Know the Rules

School's out for summer, which means you're undoubtedly starting to see more kids visiting your facilities and probably more teens applying to work at them. Do you know the current labor laws in your state? What about federal labor laws?

To help you be sure, IAAPA once again has partnered with the United States Department of Labor to promote YouthRules!, an online clearinghouse of information concerning youth labor.

Since laws have the potential to change every time a legislature meets, and sometimes effective dates occur in the middle of the season, I encourage you to visit YouthRules.gov too brush up on state and federal laws concerning the hours teens can work and the kinds of jobs they can perform. There are also tips for avoiding workplace injuries and help for teens on how many hours they can work.

New this year is an online assessment so employers can verify they are in compliance with federal and state laws.

The attractions industry relies heavily on teens, both as employees and guests. Visit YouthRules and make sure you're up to speed with regulations regarding this important demographic.

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